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Drive consistency in HR operations.

SmartPlaybooks gives HR teams of any size the ability to manage prescribed tasks and simple processes with ease.
Avoid complex HRMS tools

Complex HRMs tools are difficult to deploy and even then, do not provide the ability to drive templated activities. You are left with XLS by default to manage. Not anymore!

Push prescribed tasks to the inbox

Guided playbook-tasks provide direction, and better control over getting things done the rightway. Every time.

Manage multiple processes at scale

Managing checklists and activities have never been easier. Automated templates provides you control and ease of monitoring.


Automate for scale: Trigger pre-planned activities for multiple scenarios

Connect your desired templates to data events (e.g. New Employee ID created) and you are on cruise control! The template can have multiple tasks and multiple roles involved. Consistency at scale has never been easier.

Flexible data triggers

Multiple roles

Prescribed activities


Monitor and optimize: Track progress and bottlenecks comprehensively

Track playbook progress easily and drill down to individual tasks and owners. Over time you can optimize the playbook templates to drive more efficiency.

Simplified operations tracking

Drive accountability

Optimize processes


Enhance Relationships: Personalized and Targeted Communication

Effectively manage key stakeholders, strengthen relationships, provide personalized support, and drive long-term success.

Access detailed insights and metrics that capture engagement, preferences, buying patterns, and sentiment analysis.

Expansion analytics

Delivery analytics

Risk intelligence

Extreme flexibility in templates: Manage everything together

Use existing templates or create your own to start managing all your key activities and processes.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee Engagement

Performance Management

Learning & Development

Background Verification Process

Interview Checklist

Remote Interview Checklist

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